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Calypsonian needs social services

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Calypsonian needs social services

FREEPORT-BASED calypsonian Terrence Daniel, 62, is calling on staff at the Social Welfare Department in Chaguanas to visit his home. as promised.

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Daniel said he filled out the forms for a food card and for a disability grant. For him to get the card and grant, workers must visit his home and assess his situation

“I went several times to the office, and they are not taking me on. When I asked about help, they keep promising to visit but they never do,” Daniel said

Daniel used to farm, but is now unable to work owing to body pain. Saying he is “sickly,” Daniel told Newsday he sings for a living, but the money he makes is not enough to pay his bills and for food and medication

“I am a citizen of this country. I need help because I can no longer work hard due to my illnesses,” he said. “I do odd jobs in my village from time to time

“Most times I am unable to work. The cost of living is high, and I need the money.”

Daniel has been singing his own compositions at various shows in the Couva and Chaguanas areas

His latest calypso,Too Much Blindness,is about women who take their babies to play mas for Carnival

“It is not right to expose these infants to loud music and the bacchanal associated with Carnival,” Daniel said. He has made several CDs of songs he wrote through the years, but that music is not bringing him any income