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<div style='display:none'>Q21 Real Estate Promociones nuevos vecinos los naranjos//</div> Relatives remain mum on doctor’s death

Relatives remain mum on doctor’s death

The widow of a 75-year-old doctor who was killed in Wallerfield on Wednesday morning declined to comment on his death while awaiting the results of an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.


The doctor, Vin Sein Chiang, was killed on Wednesday in what seemed to be an attempted robbery.

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According to reports Chiang had left his house at about 5.30 am and was driving out of Lover’s Lane when he came across a blockade set by bandits waiting to pounce.

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When he got out of the car to move the blockade two men attacked him. There was a scuffle and Chiang was shot twice in the chest.

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The entire incident was said to have taken place in full view of his wife, who was standing outside their home.

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An autopsy confirmed he died from multiple gunshot wounds..

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