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‘Precious’ defied death, and walked away

'Precious' defied death, and walked away

There is a video circulating on social media of a female attempting to cross the road in Marabella being hit by a car, somersaulting in the air and landing in the middle of the road.

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She gets up and walks away

Several commented on the incident and wondered about her condition.

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The Express found her

Her name is Precious Lezama. She sustained four stitches to her head and bruises to her shoulders and hands after she was struck.

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Whether it was due to the model and size of the vehicle, the speed it was traveling, Lezama’s height and built or divine intervention, she is alive and recounted the incident to the Express.

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The nineteen-year-old said she was returning from the Marabella market when she attempted to cross the road that day. Her bags with produce were left by a shed under which she was sheltering from the rain. Lezama, of Marabella, said she was heading to the grocery to make a purchase and looked both ways before crossing the street but “all of a sudden the car coming down, bounced me.”

She flipped in the air and slid across the road on her back.

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN She said, “Everybody under the shed shouted out for him (the driver) to pull on the corner and carry this girl by the station one time. He start to say it is his mother’s car.”

Lezama said she was disoriented after she was struck but was aware of all that was taking place around her. She described herself a fighter as she added, “I was real bleeding. I was conscious of what happened but I was in a shock … My elbow and shoulder were hurting me but I still fight to get out of the rain and sit down on a chair. I left my slippers behind.”

She said she took the market bags home to her 90-year-old grandmother. “My grandmother is a sickly woman and I don’t play with my family.”

She and her sister have been living with their matriarch after her (Precious’s) mother died after being hit by a car. Lezama who also has a brother and a niece, was hesitant to speak about her mother’s death, and would only disclose that she was nine years old at the time and sustained a broken hand.

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Lezama who is epileptic, said Sunday’s incident was reported to the police by the driver went to the police station in company with his mother. Lezama said she also gave a statement to the police